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Design a Game - Turn-based Space Tactical Combat


So, I've gotten myself enrolled in an intro to graphics class, where the final project is 'make a computer game using OpenGL'; while I'm sure there are other requirements, I'm assuming they'll mainly relate to the graphical aspects of the game.
I'm pretty excited about the class, so I've idly started thinking of game ideas and concepts. I realize that it's likely that I won't be able to implement even a fraction of all the ideas I already have into the game, but it's fun to think about it, and fun to see what other people would put in a game of this type. So I figured I'd post my ideas here and see what people think of them; after all, you guys have all played lots of games, and I'm sure lots of people here have at least idly thought about what kind of game they'd make if they could.

For More Details:
custom explainer animation studio


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