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, but since most of what I

I’ve already covered sole feel pretty  well, but a few comments are warranted about the outsole. There is a lot of rubber under this shoe, and as a result I expect durability shoe be quite good. I’d guess you will see the softish midsole start to break down before you eat through the rubber outsole. One thing I like about the outsole design is that there is a horizontal break that creates a flex groove between the midfoot and forefoot Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir (between the yellow and black areas in the photo below), and another about midway forward on the forefoot. This gives the Peg fairly decent flexibility.The Nike Pegasus really surprised me – it’s been a long time since I’ve run a decent number of miles in a more traditionally structured running shoe, and the Peg 31 has been working really well. It’s a great looking shoe that offers a cushy heel and responsive forefoot, and that’s a good combo for me. It’s more shoe than I’d use in a race, Nike Air Max 90 Homme but for eating up easy miles it’s a fine choiceIf pressed to choose my top 3 so far this year I’d probably go with the Kinvara 5, Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit, and Asics Hyperspeed. I might also add Nike Air Max Thea Womens the Altra The One2 and the Salomon Sense Pro. All of these are in a similar category to my favorites from previous years. Basically middle of the road lightweight trainers with moderate cushion. My willingness to try a shoe like the Peg has changed as I point out in the review, but I would not choose it as a top shoe choice for me personally. I still also run in very minimal shoes from time to time, for example the Merrell Vapor Glove, but since most of what I review are new releases and there aren’t a lot of new minimal shoe coming out that appeal to me those have slowed down.
The challenge I face as a reviewer is that my core belief is that people are variable, and have variable needs. When I wrote my book in 2010-2011 I emphasized this  as well as the need to be non-dogmatic about footwear. Since I have a varied audience I like Nike Air Max 90 Womens to cover shoes that span the spectrum, but that I actually enjoy running in as well. They won’t all necessarily be personal favorites, but there is a place for me to review a shoe like the Peg, and I would consider trying other more traditional shoes even though they might not be a perfect match for me.I actually disagree with Yves as I outlined in my comment to him. Lightweight trainers in the 4-8mm drop range have been my bread and butter since pretty much 2009. Still the case if pressed to choose my top shoes so far this year (one of which would probably be the Hyperspeed, which I’m sure you know well!). What’s changed is mainly my willingness to try a wider variety of stuff.
I’d also stand by anything I wrote in our debates ?? The science still does not identify a clear winner for injuries (my main interest), and I don’t really Nike Air Max 90 Womens Black think it ever will. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows. For example, Ryan’s paper showed no significant differences Nike Air Max 90 Dámské in injury rates between the Peg and Fivefingers, so six in one half dozen the other. Even there the Fivefingers was a bigger change from what they were used to and the non-significant result surprised me. So those that claimed minimal will cure all were wrong, and those claiming that they were a sure path to injury seem to be wrong as well. The middle road seems to be the correct one, as it Nike Air Max 270 Femme often is. In the clinic I’m just as likely to rec a Hoka as I am a minimal shoe. Depends on the person. I’d not put a hard driving runner in a very minimal shoe since I think that is a recipe for injury – they’re just not patient enough to take a gradual approach. But I still very much think that minimal shoes have a place in the spectrum of options.


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