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Game crashing in battles


If your game crashes or loses connection in battle, Disney will take your troops deployed until that moment and will continue the battle on their servers. So the battle will not be automatically lost and the loot & (eventually) medals will be credited and listed in your attack log. This wouldn't help much in Banshees case, because you wouldn't win a battle with one AT-AT alone. The hint with the closed background apps maybe helpful too. Generally it is helpful to have as much memory available as possible. IOS/Android Devices with 2GB RAM (or even more) are usually doing better than older devices with 1GB or even 512MD RAM. If you're playing the game really on an Ipad (1) (didn't know that was even working) then it migh be perhaps a good idea considering to move to newer hardware with more RAM. But read the contents of the link posted above first because the game has to be synced with Facebook/Google/Gamecenter before your move and it doesn't hurt to save/note your Player-ID either.

For more you can check:-
Custom explainer agency

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