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How to rise in rankings (version 3.01)

Thought I should make this guide to give everyone a chance to improve their overall rankings/level up faster.

- 4 slot commader with the formation Microscopium(if possible use Pitt from Vaminos Clash). Vulpecula and Sculptor should work as well.
- L-II Dreadnoughts with fully upgraded main and sub weapon

Note: These upgrades should be enough. I'm not entirely sure though since I had a nearly fully upgraded Military skill tree back then. If it doesn't work with this setup you have to hope that it will be enough with a critical hit or wait until you get the T-3 version of the Dreadnoughts. It might work with less upgrades too need some testing from you guys to determine that though.

The aim:
Capture a civilization 9 Metall planet with a 4slot commander and gain points by doing expeditions. You can find those planets in the clouds of giant planets. If you find one do not take both of the planets with a 4 slot but leave one of those for union mates. I'm sure they would like to raise in rankings as well.

The formation:

End of battle:

Collect a lot of 4slot or higher commanders and do expeditions with them on a daily basis. To inrease the amount of expeditions you can do per day level the Development Center.

Here is some math:
At level 20 Development Center you should get one expedition every one and half hour(if I recall corectly that is). That would make 16 expeditions a day and 112 expeditions a week.
From fully leveled military B union bond your commanders will have a cap of 17 sorties.
From an expedtion on a civ 9 metall planet with 17 sorties you will get 17*2280=38760. Doing that 112 times a week will give you about 4,3Mio. points a week with nearly no work to do (clicking on hexagons isn't hard).

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