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From the perspective of collocation, talk about the purchase of Loewe

Loewe bag and your face, face with strong three-dimensional face, you can choose the stripe with clear, neutral style, with a neutral metal style, and the loose face, the face is round and the shape is rounded. A sweet and lovely Loewe bag. Loewe bag and your chest, when the Loewe bag is under the arm, from the front, you can only see its thickness. Therefore, the MM with full chest and thicker waist should choose thin and slender rectangular Knockoff Cheap Loewe Handbags; the MM with flat chest and slim body should choose the triangular Wholesale Fake Loewe Bag with thickness on the side. Full of plumpness.

Loewe bag and your height, wide and large bags are popular, but how to choose according to height is not cumbersome. If the height is above 165 cm, try to choose a Roywe bag that is about 60 cm in length and can be loaded vertically into a magazine. If the height is below 158 cm, you should choose a full length of about 50 cm. The size of the Loewe bag, the proportion of the elongated body. Loewe bag and your life, you can not ignore the practicality when you buy Loewe bag, if you just "upgrade" to do a beautiful mommy, but put the diaper bottle into a noble retro crocodile leather handbag, maybe Intimidating passers-by; wide, bag-colored nylon bags can make you and your baby stylish.

Fake Loewe Bags and your character, girls who take the leisure sports style, can choose more nylon, plastic or thick canvas and other "hard" material bags. The temperament is lovely and gentle, and the dress is often worn with elegant and light fabrics, so the texture of the bag should also be made of cotton, linen or lace. Loewe bag and its leather, the common natural leather will appear fine lines under the pressure of the thumb, the better the grade, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. The common goatskin pattern is wavy, thick and detailed; the yellow cowhide is densely lined and the pores are arranged in irregular dots.


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