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Assemblyman Reed Gusciora's 'cigar bar' bill passes Assembly

Even as the state considers measures that would make tobacco more difficult and expensive to purchase, the state Assembly this week voted overwhelmingly in support of a bill that would ease restrictions on cigar lounges.

The bill, A228, which would allow, but not require, municipalities to issue licenses to businesses wishing to open cigar lounges, passed the Assembly in a 66-5 vote Monday. Now the Senate will have a chance to weigh in on the proposed law.

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, a primary sponsor of the bill, said the intent is to allow cigar lovers who smoke socially a place to gather, without letting any other institutions such as bars or restaurants bring smoking back to their establishments Cheapest Marlboro 100 Cigarettes.

is a subset of people who are already smoking cigars, Gusciora said Tuesday.

Gusciora was a supporter of the Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act that, when it became law in 2006, banned smoking in restaurants and bars and prohibited the creation of new cigar lounges.

were paranoid about restaurants or bars going through the back door by saying be a cigar lounge, Gusciora said.

If this new bill becomes law, lounges will be able to open in the state, but will face a number of restrictions.

Though customers may bring their own food or alcohol into a lounge Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa, the business will not be allowed to sell either one. The lounge cannot be accessed from another business, such as a restaurant, and must generate at least 15 percent of its revenue from the on-site sale of tobacco products. Towns also would be able to individually add restrictions through ordinances if they wanted to further define the types of establishments that could open, Gusciora said, adding that these restrictions are designed to ensure that the lounges do not become a part of restaurants and bars.

Gusciora said he would like to see cigarette use disappear from society, but said there is a difference between that and social cigar smoking. The cigar lounges would likely only attract cigar smokers and so would not expose those who want to avoid second-hand smoke, the way smoking in a restaurant or bar can, he said. smokers are a devoted and nuanced group of aficionados who gather and socialize in an environment that would be their own, Gusciora said in a statement earlier this week. bill creates a new economic engine for entrepreneurs who want to cater to these aficionados by allowing new cigar lounges to open in a downtown environment. Nelson, owner of Trenton Social, a restaurant and bar on South Broad Street. The establishment currently has a patio where customers can smoke outside, but Nelson has secured the rights to a vacant store front next door and would like to open a members-only lounge there.

months out of the year you can smoke outside, but you know this is Jersey, so six months out of the year you need some indoor space, Nelson said.

When Nelson installed a wall of lockers in his restaurant that came with cigar boxes, they sold out almost immediately, he said. This gives him confidence that there would be demand for a cigar lounge, he said, which he will outfit with flat-screen televisions and humidors once he has approval from the city government Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale.

Nelson said he thinks this is the type of business that will help bring a unique retail experience to Trenton particularly the section of South Broad Street between Hamilton Avenue, where the Sun National Bank Center is located, and East Lafayette Street, near the Wyndham Garden Trenton Hotel Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale.
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